Chris Woods

Participants will discover the excitement of using scratchboard, a media in which contrasts of textures and values produce dramatic, luminous effects. We will review tools and materials with demonstrations and examples and explore the many tips and tricks to convey a vast range of textures that will portray subjects with detail and accuracy. Using the pen and blade, we will create hatching, cross-hatching, dots, and dabs that are the basis of showing textures and values. Using the images provided, participants will transfer their subjects onto the black scratch board and begin to convey form, shade, and textures to create an interesting composition. Each participant will work toward completing at least one scratch board illustration. There will be step-by-step individual instruction as well as encouragement along the way. We will immerse ourselves in the scratch board medium.

Chris Woods is a Pre-K through 12th grade Art Teacher in the Uniontown school district as well as an Adjunct Art Instructor of FSCC. Chris has over 17 years of teaching experience and considerable knowledge in many art forms and medias including drawing and illustration. His main interest is teaching students how to portray art with emotion and detail. Many of Chris’ students have received awards and recognition for their artwork at shows and competitions.