Jacki Prettyman

We originally started this business because of having children that needed a diet free from pesticides, herbicides and added chemicals. We were so concerned that everything we bought had unnecessary additives. So we grew our own produce to feed ourselves in a more healthy manner and grew so much that we had plenty to sell. 

There is a growing demand in our country for naturally grown, local, healthy produce and we began selling our extra veggies at farmers markets and branched out into personal and corporate CSAs as well as selling to Kansas City chefs who own farm to table restaurants. 

Our corporate CSAs range close to 100 shares per business and the businesses are global in scale. We service up to three different sites for one business alone, having to be very conscious of service since many of our corporate shares are to people who frequently travel and need to make adjustments to deliveries.

We have grown from selling homemade bread and extra tomato plants at the Fort Scott market to being a major vendor at the Overland Park Farmers Market, as well as being an owner/producer/board member of the Fresh Farm HQ food hub which covers a 250 mile radius from Kansas City. 

Our farm here and how we grow (Certified Naturally Grown and nutrient dense) targets a fairly wide demographic, actually. We estimate 75% of our customers are 25-40 year olds who are professionals with families and are very committed to providing their children and themselves with health foods which are pesticide free and non-gmo. The remaining 25%  range from 40-75 years of age and are more concerned with cost and getting good value for their money, not being as concerned about the organics but wanting the old fashioned flavors they grew up with from family gardens/farms.

Challenges with our business include:

#1, the weather

#2, trying to stay ahead of what the customer is going to want (new varieties, unusual vegetables, what will be popular next year)

#3, getting CSA shares sold prior to growing season that we know how much we are going to need to grow in order to have enough to provide both the market and the CSAs

#4 adjusting the business plan as we go so that it reflects the changes we need in order to be flexible to the customers' demands.