Chef Jasper Mirabile Jr.

For Jasper J. Mirabile Jr., working in the kitchen of Kansas City's most award-winning restaurant has been a homecoming to his family-owned establishment.  Mirabile's family history reflects a love for fine food and elegance.  His grandmother helped his father launch Jasper's back in 1954. 

Jasper Jr, is in charge of the 2,000+ square foot kitchen.  In his own style, Jasper creates dishes from his Sicilian background with heavy influences from Tuscany and the Piemomtese regions of Italy. Jasper attended the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Hotel and Restaurant School and Kansas State University. During the course of his studies, he would travel to Europe every summer to visit cooking schools in Paris, Venice and Milano.  Today, he works to impart his vast knowledge of food to all who are interested by offering multiple cooking classes in venues across Kansas and Missouri.

Mirabile is an acclaimed Chef who has made three guest Chef appearances at the James Beard House in New York. He has been featured in several major newspapers and magazines across the United States of America.  Over the years, Jasper's has made a name for itself for one of Kansas City's most popular dining attractions.  Recently, Zagat named Jasper's one of America's top 25 Italian Restaurants and Travel & Leisure named Jasper's one of USA's top Italian Restaurants.  DiRoNA has named Jasper's one of the best restaurants in North America for 25 years in a row.  USA TODAY named Jasper's as one of the top 10 Italian Restaurants in America.

Mirabile's other activities include; hosting a popular weekly radio show on KCMO 710, Live! From Jaspers Kitchen, Chairman of Slow Food Kansas City, Vice President - Midwest of Gruppo Ristoratori, and board member of The American Institute of Wine and Food Kansas City.  Additionally, Mirabile is The Wisconsin Cheese Chef Ambasadore, Author of two cookbooks and working on his third (entitled On The Cannoli Trail). He is also a recipe creator for many local and national companies such as, Hen House Markets, American Italian Pasta Co., Wisconsin Milk Marketing, Farmland, Plugra Butter, Smart Chicken and Red Gold tomatoes.

When dining in Kansas City, Jasper's has become a must visit for many.  Jasper J. Mirabile Jr. has come home to Jasper's - and he invites you to join him soon.